Back To Back Marathons

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over a week since I ran my 41st Marathon. My legs are feeling great and I’m excited to get back to training and building back the miles for some shorter races and for Abbott World Marathon Majors Berlin Marathon in September! It finally feels like spring here, so there is nothing more I want to do than to be outside moving my body in some way.

I went in to Boston not knowing what to expect from my body. I’ve run 3 marathons back to back before but never when two of them were one week apart. The first time I ran three back to back the first two were three weeks apart and then I had two weeks in between the next two. I essentially used the first one as my last long run for the second and then the 3rd was just supposed to be a “victory lap” of sorts but ended up being my fastest marathon of the three. That was also years ago, and while I’m not old, I’m definitely getting older and I’m not as speedy as I once was – so I wasn’t expecting that sort of outcome from Boston.

My running between Runners Marathon and Boston Marathon consisted of two runs. I ran 4.11 miles the day before my birthday to celebrate my last day of being 36 and then again on the 11th ran 4.11 miles to celebrate being 37! I packed an extra running outfit for Boston with the intention of possibly going for a shakeout run on Saturday or Sunday but decided that it would be smarter to just rest my legs. I wasn’t going to gain any fitness from any runs that week, so the focus really needed to be on recovering and being smart vs running just because I wanted to run and hang out with everyone in Boston.

After the marathon was over I emphatically remarked that I was a. too old for this back to back business and that b. I was never doing it again. A friend told me I should table that thought for 72 hours – because she was sure that I would change my mind on the back to back business. She was right. While I don’t think I will on purpose seek out two marathons one week apart, if it lines up like that again, I’m not going to say no! I learned a lot from running Marine Corps Marathon and then the next weekend New York City Marathon and I learned even more running these two. I ran smarter this time around and ended up with faster marathon times {3:39 & 3:48} in both races vs MCM & NYCM {3:54 & 4:05}.

That being said, I don’t typically recommend back to back marathons unless you are able to fully listen to your body and what it tells you. You can’t force marathons and expect not to get injured. Forcing a marathon just to say you have done something crazy can also lead to burnout. I want to be running when I’m in my 70s so pacing myself is always in the back of my head. While I realize that 41 marathons might not sound like pacing myself, it’s the same as your pace in a race – it’s all relative to the person.

We all have our reasons why we run and why we do what we do, that are unique to each of us, and I think we do ourselves and others a disservice if we try to talk them out of their dreams and goals. As the late, great George Sheehan said, we are all an experiment of one!

There are a lot of things that motivate me to run but these days there is nothing that helps motivate me quite like new running gear. Can I get an amen?!

Sharing a couple of my new favorite pieces from lululemon today.

Last year at Kona one of my friends gave me a pair of lululemon Hotty Hot shorts as a gift and I’ve been kinda crazy about them since! They are REALLY comfortable while running. As an added bonus, they are just plain cute, so I often don’t feel in a rush to take them off post run.

I have a pair of shorts that I call my “thick and thin shorts” – I’ve been wearing them for years and they have been on their last legs for a while now. These High Rise Hotty Hot Shorts (my friend gave me the original rise – which I love equally as much) have become my new “thick and thin shorts” meaning that no matter what size or shape my body takes they always seem to fit me. There is a drawcord on the inside so you can make them tighter or looser. The drawcord is continuous – meaning it’s not going to come out in the wash. There is a zipper pocket in the back for me to stash my endurance gels. They are the perfect weight for long runs or short runs and everything in between.

I posted a picture on instagram the other day where I was wearing this Mist Over Windbreaker and of course got a bunch of DM’s asking what it was. The color is amazing so I’m not surprised that people wanted to know where it was from! Besides the lovely color, it’s a really great functional running jacket. I packed it in my suitcase for Boston since they were calling for crazy rain! The back pocket is perfect for holding a hotel key card, credit card and ID. I love it so much I’m debating ordering it in another color.


Mist Over Windbreaker

Baller Hat Run

Hotty Hot HR Short

High Neck Energy Bra

If you guys are curious about my Boston Marathon splits you can find me on Strava as Dorothy Beal and while you are on Strava you should join the lululemon Run Club! There are almost 100K runners in the club and they often have fun challenges you can participate in.

If you are looking for race training guides lululemon also has you covered with FREE training guides on their website! CLICK HERE to access them.

Have you ever run back to back marathons before?! If so, what’s your thought on them?! I want to know!!


  1. You had such a good season with your back to back races. I like that color as well as well, so I’m not surprised about the wind breaker.

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