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I promise that one of these days I will write a post that doesn’t start with me telling you about how I have the goal of wanting to write more…yeah it’s STILL a goal. I believe in my heart I’m going to make it happen and then it just doesn’t, for whatever reason. I love writing, specifically the type of writing where you just let it flow out of you – a brain dump if you will.

I find myself writing posts in my head on nearly every run these days. Sometimes something will pop in to my head that will feel so important to me that I take out my phone and add a note to my note app. I tell myself that right when I get home I’m going to change in to some comfy clothing and then write – a shower and food can wait. But let’s be honest, who ever really finishes a run and then wants to marinate in their own sweat and/or not eat. It’s similar to how I tell myself after every run I’m going to do 5 or 10 minutes of core and stretching, just to make me feel good…yeah that literally NEVER happens. Another issue is, I hate the font on my blog…but haven’t exactly figured out how to change that setting. I know, I know, it’s probably SOOOOO simple…

I’m back, for now. This post doesn’t have much substance so let’s consider it a segue. I have thoughts I want to write about that need more characters than instagram is going to allow me and I don’t know about you but my attention span for long instagram comments gets shorter and shorter as the years wear on. Every time I post a long caption, I think, ugh, this is so annoying, even though I feel passionate about what I’m writing about so I can’t really shorten it. You feel me?

Since I last wrote I became a marathoner x39 YAYAYA. I met a guy on the way back home from Japan that has run hundreds of marathons and said he doesn’t even know exactly how many because he doesn’t count them. I made it a personal goal to never lose track of how many I’ve run, but also to not run so many that I lose track….which might be hard because as my year is shaking out I have a bunch on tap….right around as many as I said I would never run again in a year. So yeah, another personal goal, never say never because the reality is you just don’t know. Unless it’s something like eating raisins….cause I’m NEVER going to eat those.

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  1. All I got from this is you don’t like raisins hahaha.

    But seriously I do appreciate your posts. I’m looking forward to seeing what marathons you choose.

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