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The new year has always been a great time to hunt for treasures at thrift stores. Whether it’s because unwanted gifts have been donated or because many people use the end of one year and the beginning of another to clean out, the thrift stores always seem to be filled this time of year.

I venture to say that this January I’ve found more than any other January. Is it the Marie Kondo effect, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’ve found some really awesome new to me things. If someone else donated them solely because they no longer brought them joy, I’m thankful, because they are sparking joy for me! I needed a pick me up today and that’s exactly what I found at the thrift store.

We are going out of town soon for a football tournament for Miles so a lot of errands were on my to-do list today. This made it very easy to sneak in a visit to a couple of my favorite thrift stores.

I decorate mostly with neutral hues, but when it comes to what I have in my office, which is where it feels I spend the majority of my time, I’m all about color.

I am in love with this handmade treasure I found today for $3. I can’t even imagine how much time someone spent making this. I decided to hang it right by my desk because it reminds me that in a world of instant gratification, if we want to create something that lasts, we have to put in the work. Cheesy, yes, but that’s what it makes me think, so not only do I find it to be a beautiful handmade work of art, I find it motivating.

I found this at Blossom & Bloom in Leesburg, VA. If you are local, it’s a fun little shop to visit. Will you find something cool every time you go? Not likely. Do I think it’s worth making a trip to if you don’t live within 20 minutes or so, not really. Thrift stores will always be hit or miss, sometimes all you find is stuff that is junk to you and other times you freak out and find something you love for $3.

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